Welcome to Tirydium-Models

Welcome to Tirydium Models.

Tirydium models produces a range of lighting kits for models.  Our current categories include Sci-Fi and Aircraft and our product range will expand as new kits are developed.

Our kits are designed to be incorporated into the model as it is being built and all come prewired and either fitted or supplied with resistors for operation at 3Vor 9V as stated in each kit description.

Some of the more complex kit use microprocessors to provide engine flicker and flashing lights.
We are always looking at new kits and would welcome suggestions for the kits you want.

As well as the listed kits we can produce bespoke lighting kits to suit your exacting requirements and have produced kits for a fully functioning Tornado, Red Arrows Synchro pair and Mig 29.  If there is something you want just drop us a message and we will see what we can do.
Thanks for visiting our store.


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