JPG Productions 1/12 Chopper SW Rebels Model Kit

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JPG Productions 1/12 Chopper (SW Rebels) Resin Kit

The lovable maintenance droid from Star Wars Rebels is now available as a 1/12 resin kit to compliment the same scale kits produced by Bandai.

There are 13 pressure cast resin parts, tubing and waterslide decals.


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Builds up nicely 5 product stars
"There's a good review of the kit quality at so I'll just add a few extra comments. Replacing the dome mast is a must. Use wire, it'll look a lot better and be less likely to snap off. The holes for the tubing on the right leg are too small. Either hollow them out or use something thinner than the tube provided. Covered wire, for example. The decals are, I think, ink jet or laser printed and transparent. I'd strongly suggest painting all yellow stripes and panel lines. The grey and green decals work OK. I used Testor's Italian Red for the dome with Testor's Gelb for the yellow panels and stripes. Testor's Light Grey was used for the body with Olive Green for the upper left leg. I realise these are US paints but comparing available colors to online paint charts will help. Actual colors of Chopper are in the eye of the modeler anyway. In other words, use colors that look right to you! I accidently broke the left manipulator arms which gave me a excuse to pin to joint (for strength) at a different angle to the right arm. You might want to consider doing this intentionally to make the droid look more animated. Overall, a nice kit and worth the money." Jim James - 27/08/2017
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