Pegasus Nautilus Lighting Kit

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Nautilus Lighting Kit

This lighting kit is designed to fit the Pegasus Nautilus submarine kit.

Consists of:

2 green Base LEDs
4 warm white Salon LEDs
1 warm white Bridge LED
4 white Porthole LEDs
1 white Spotlight LED
Control Board (Includes ATtiny85 processor)
Socket Board

The kit has two board one that fits in the base for the main supply and the Base LEDs and one for the sub which has the processor and sub lights.  There are 3 wires between the base and sub which will require hiding in one of the Squid tentacles.

The processor provides a sequencing programme for the lighting as follows:

On power on the base light come on followed by the salon, bridge, porthole and spot, after 10 minutes the lights o out in the reverse sequence with the exception of the base light which remain on.  After 1 minute the sub lights come on in the same sequence as before, this sequence repeats until power is switched off.

The kit comes with full instructions and other than fitting a switch and battery holder (both not included) it is fully wired.  The porthole and spot LEDs are on pins & sockets to aid installation.  The spot is optional and will not affect the sequencing if not fitted.

Watch the video on YouTube showing content and sequencing.

The kit is designed to run from 2 x AA batteries (not included)

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nautilus LED kit - dynamic and fun 5 product stars
"fantastic kit, well designed and easy to follow directions for those of us who are not technically inclined. I will be back for more fact, I think that the Enterprise will be my next!" Teresa - 16/04/2015
Nautilus lighting kit 5 product stars
"Received this kit yesterday and it s absolutely fantastic! I can t stress enough how impressed I am with it and also the costumer service I received! I messaged Warren when the kit was out of stock and he kept me in the loop the whole time, from building/re-stocking through to date of delivery! He s a true gent and I ll defiantly be using his lighting kits again in the future! Highly recommended!" Chris groves - 01/11/2017
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